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The Led Mask

Just Released Our Second Version of The Led Mask.
Screen Size Is Over 2 times bigger and you can select between 7 different colours.
Since you need to wear masks to keep you and the people around you safe from pandemic, might as well wear the coolest one you can find.
The Led Hat is the only place to get a LED Mask , which features a LED sign that is programmable from your smartphone and a PM 2.5 Carbon Activated Filter

Through your phone, display witty and crafty messages, images or display music bars to the beat of your favourite songs.
Whether you are simply walking down the street, or running errands, or at a party, this masks will turn heads, attract attention and will be a great conversation starter. 
Also, you can remind people to stay 6 ft from you as you courageously do groceries or go to the one bank that is open within a 20km radius.  Seriously, people need to keep their distance, and you will be a walking social distance billboard.
And of course it's a mask, so it comes comes with a 5 layer PM 2.5 carbon activated filter.  
1. Mobile APP Bluetooth connection
2.  Support language: English, Chinese, Japanese, French, German,Spanish, Korean, Russian, etc.
3. Screen Size: 6.69" by 2.75" - Led Mask Version 2
    Screen Size: 5.9" by 1.25" - Led Mask Version 1
4. Text mode: can display 80 English characters
5. Animation mode:  draw the animation
6. Music mode: Music Equaliser display, the phone song automatically syncs
7. Text scrolling function: move left and right, up and down,flashing, snow, etc.
8. DIY editing: custom drawing, draw the animation you want
9. LED caller blinking function
10. Displays 7 Different LED Colours - Led Mask Version 2
      Rainbow Coloured Text  - Led Mask Version 1
11. PM 2.5 Filter: Comes with a 5 Layer carbon activated PM 2.5 Filter for protection
12. Charges via USB

Package Included:
1 x LED Mask
1 x PM 2.5 Carbon Activated Filter
1 x User Manual
Is the mask machine washable?
Yes it is.  First take out the filter and the led display and battery.  It is very easy.  The Led Display and Battery have their own clearly defined slot at the front of the mask.
Does the mask work on both Android and IPhone?
 Yes of course. 

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